Two Tails can morph into your business, not kidding. It's a superpower. Let us become your business and speak the words that you feel. Whether you're after a fun and quirky tone of voice, or perhaps a more professional, corporate approach (or both), we can take the load of your shoulders and do the writing for you. It's time we give your brand a personality through words! 


The Two Tails copywriting service is ideal for businesses needing important information put into human words that your target market will understand, relate to and be more than conviced that they need you and your offerings. Whether you're after words for print or for web, let us know the scope of your project and we can get it underway with no hassle.

Examples of copywriting projects include:

  • Website Pages

  • Booklets/Brochures

  • Blog Posts

  • Presentations

  • Email Marketing Campaigns



Two Tails also provides an editing service for when you have written amazing copy but don't have anyone to double or triple check it. When we edit, we usually give you some pointers, recommendations and grammatical checks!



The Blogging Bundle is designed for those who have a blog page, but can't seem to keep up with the constant nag for more posts. Blogs can be a great way to improve your SEO, so this bundle will include keyword rich content written in your tone of voice. 


  • 5 x bespoke blog posts

Our Process

The copywriting process does vary from project to project, however you can expect that the basic steps below will be what shapes this service. After our initial phone call in Step One and before the creative process begins, you will be sent a contract outlining the services to be received. Alongside a signed contract, a 50% deposit will need to be made prior to the start of Step Two.

Initial phone call
Where the magic happens
You review, we edit
The Handover

A new project means excitement. Like a dog with 

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