Our Story

Hi! I'm Courtney


Thank you for taking the time to explore what I get up to and discover what Two Tails is all about. 

I'm a lover of natural things, beautiful things and things of simplicity and strength. Because of this, I am passionate about seeing these elements come through when you are talking to me about your business. That's where Two Tails comes in, transforming the words you say into compelling aspects of your brand: your collateral, your website and your copy. Two Tails is a serene yet exciting place to bounce ideas around and reignite why you love your business. The benefit of Two Tails being a solo operation, is that I can work closely alongside you and take time to get things right and perfect for you. We can uplift your brand to new heights.

If you need help capturing the true essence of your brand or just need a fresh perspective and lots of new ideas, why wait? Let's work together! I'd love to chat.